An island marriage: Experience the indescribable joy of an island marriage!
Surrounded by the pristine waters of a lagoon or a beach set amidst coral shores, unspoilt islands with their natural scenic charm and warm welcoming people are perfect locations for an unforgettable, romantic marriage ceremony. If only words could express the thrill and romance of an island marriage!
To make your special day all the more memorable, get married in style on an island in Tahiti. The vast expanse of the sugar white beaches lined with crystal blue waters of the Caribbean and complimented by the rugged mountains form a perfect backdrop to make your wedding day a truly momentous experience.

How about an island marriage in Tahiti?
The most popular locale for a traditional Tahiti marriage is the Tahiti Theatre Village. You can choose between a princess wedding, a royal wedding or the royal deluxe wedding.

In the traditional Tahiti wedding, the bride-to-be is treated like a princess and the groom is pampered beyond measure. If you've ever loved fairytales, then getting married in one of the enchanting islands in Tahiti is nothing short of a fairytale come true. During the marriage ceremony, both the bride and groom are dressed in traditional attire. The couple is then carried to the venue of the ceremony on the High Chair accompanied by the noble warriors. This truly royal experience is celebrated with champagne, music, and dance. The symbolic ceremony is performed under a starlit night.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself getting married on an island, in all regal pomp and grandeur, watched by stars with the gentle tropical breeze for company. Lover's paradise, did you say? Absolutely spot on!

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Cancun is great for an island marriage too!
Cancun in Mexico is another exotic destination for a truly memorable wedding experience. You can choose from the various theme-wedding packages. Take your marriage vows in the spectacular candle lit caves. Or, if the open air appeals to your senses, you have a perfect setting against the backdrop of cascading waterfalls with the marriage ceremony accompanied by the music of the violin under a starlit sky.

You can also mark your new beginning with a wedding ceremony against the turquoise blue of Caribbean Sea when the last rays of the sun sparkle on the water. In Cancun, the Cancun hotel zone, being at the center of the Mexican Caribbean, offers a wide array of choices.

You can opt for a Riviera Maya Wedding, Akumal Wedding, or a Isla Mujeres Wedding. Choice is certainly not a problem as you can choose from a vast variety of both indoor and outdoor venues.

Contact any of the wedding planners on the islands and they will cater to all your needs to the minutest detail from flowers, videography, photography, to making arrangements for the licensed officiate or minister, documentation and legal fees, bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere, and the wedding cake. All you have to do is simply relax and enjoy the excitement of your marriage.

Besides a romantic setting for your wedding, you have the added bonus of enjoying your honeymoon on the islands exploring the spectacular locales, enjoying sight seeing or spending cozy moments in blissful seclusion.

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